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Designer Color Wheel for Fashion


If you want to check out how fashion magazines make seasonal color wheels here is a photo from Fall 2016.

Designer Color Wheel for this seasons top Fashion Designers:

It’s fun to look at the color wheel for the top fashion houses/designer because you will see that every season almost all the colors are represented. You can say someone is a fall or spring but really there are no real rules. You can wear any color if you wear it in the right way. Let’s say you have found a beautiful grey dress or suit but grey makes your skin look dull, it actually makes mine brighter. To make it look great on you wear a turtleneck or long sleeve top under the dress or a button up shirt or t-shirt under the suit in a color that you know works well on you. For the ladies, you can match your heels to the turtleneck. Another thing you could do since layering is in, you could wear leggings or tights in the color of the long sleeve shirt or another color & tall grey boot and it will look great. Plus wearing long sleeves or turtlenecks under dresses is very in right now.

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