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Color Blindness

Color Blindness is a fascinating thing to me as color is the basis of my work. They way color is interpreted has an effect on the work I do. Like if there going to put a blue wash over the whole film. I need to think about that in my initial color palette. Just like in the old black and white films. They would pick their colors off of the the shade of gray it produces. On set you could be looking at someone in a purple suit, red vest,  orange shirt and black tie but in the black and white film that might work perfectly. Color blindness got me to thinking about how they see my color palette. 

I found a great website color-blindness.com where you can import a photo or your color palette and pick and kind of color blindness and see how they would see the image. They even have apps for your phone so you can look at something colorful like Times Square and see it they way they do.

I strive to be the best artist I can be and I think learning how other see my work can help me better my work and yours. I hope that visiting http://www.color-blindness.com/coblis-color-blindness-simulator/  and the YouTube video “How Color Blind People See The World”  will help you and inspire your work as an artist.

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