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The Art Dept

From Concept to Film: Production Design of Outdoor Community

In this film, Project Eden, I’ve broken it down from the films color palette to the location scout to the overhead sketch to the concept artist’s final renderings. 

This needed to be an outdoor set for a group of people living in a tent community. The film was being shot in New Zealand and as Iʼm based in the states I was unable to go location scouting with the Director(s) as I usually do. The location manager was able to send me lots of really good shots of the area. I used the location shots & google maps to get an idea of the terrain. From there I sketched out an overhead of where all the set dec would go and sent it to my concept artist. I show in another blog how doing my designs in 3D using CAD or SketchUp can help as well. Also when the concept art is done right it makes it easier for the DP, Set Decorator/Dresser, Scenic & everyone involved knowing exactly what needs to be done.

Here is the location scouting photos, the basic overhead I drew, the concept art by Alex Drummond, and the final still frame from the film.

All images copyrighted to Vanessa Miles Design or Mad Anthʼm Pictures for the film Project Eden(US title)/Project Eden Vol 1(International title) which is available on HULU & Amazon Prime.

Color Palette for the film:

Copyright Vanessa Miles Design.

Location photo:

Overhead sketch:

Copyright Vanessa Miles Design.

Concept art( by Alex Drummond):

Copyright Alex Drummond & Mad Anth’m Pictures.

Final screen grab from the film:

Copyright Mad Anth’m Pictures

Check out the videos of describing the set while on the tech scout.

Don’t forget to check out the feature film Project Eden Vol 1.

Thanks for reading, Vanessa

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